Best Place for Aptoide Apk Download & Install For iOS MAC [2021]

There was a time when people were confused between Android and iOS. The Android platform is the most used platform in the world, on the other hand, iOS is the platform of Apple which leads the pack after Android. The Google Play Store offers thousands of Android apps that the user having an Android smartphone can download and enjoy. While Google is too mainstream about its policies, a new Android marketplace is known as the aptoide marketplace has also hit the market with a bang. The app is majorly developed by the company CM Software, the same company which had launched CynogenMod open source platform for the Android users. Still, Google has the majority of the Android apps, but the aptoide app is becoming primarily famous due to its cool features. The main criteria of an app are to fulfill the user requirement and offer them the perfect usability. The Google Play Store hosts apps which can be downloaded for free and paid both. On the other hand, the biggest USP of aptoide apk is that it offers all the Android apps available on the aptoide marketplace for free to its users. That means, even the premium apps which you see on the Google Play Store, you can find the same version of the application available for free on the aptoide app.

The times are changing and in the technology industry, anyone can lead and make billions if he comes out with a new innovative technology. Due to the new concept of offering all the android applications for free, the aptoide app made a good brand value in the tech space. It would be not wrong to say that the aptoide marketplace can become the next big competitor to Google in the coming scenario. This is al made possible because of coming with new features in the market.

While our concern in this post is mainly to use the aptoide download on a Mac. This may seem unusual to you to read at first, but I guarantee you that you can run Android apps on your iOS powered Mac for free. But before that let me discuss some of the aptoide apk features with you guys.

Aptoide App Features

1) The aptoide apk is available for free on the official aptoide website.

2) Aptoide apk is available in more than 20 languages. This gives the app a Global usage and approach.

3) You can access the aptoide apk anywhere around the world including China and Russia, where the Google Play Store is currently restricted.

4) Enable automatic updates.

5) Aptoide app lets you access the latest version of an android app for free.

6) The interface is easy and responding.

7) You can set up your personal app store using the aptoide premium version.

8) The app consists of more than 60000 applications currently.

9) Aptoide apk is being downloaded more than half a million times by people across the world.

So these are some of the features of the aptoide app. However, you will get the actual gist only after using the application yourself.
Let us now see how you can use and install the aptoide apk on your Mac.

Aptoide installs for Mac

Aptoide is an Android based platform, and it is directly impossible to use the app on a iOS based device such as the Mac. So, in order to run the aptoide apk on Mac, you will need an emulator that will provide an Android rich environment on your Mac PC. The best emulator that is available for free is BLUESTACKS emulator. You can download the emulator software for FREE.

Download Bluestacks –  CLICK HERE

Now follow the below steps to install the aptoide apk for Mac:

Step 1: Install the Bluestacks emulator.

Step 2:  Download the aptoide apk –  Click here to download 

Step 3: After downloading- Open Bluestacks -> From Bluestacks, open the directory where you have saved the aptoide apk -> Install the aptoide apk.

Step 4: After the successful installation, android you will see the aptoide icon on the bluestacks home screen. Click on it and access the aptoide marketplace for free on your Mac.


Aptoide app is the next gen android app which lets you download the latest pAndroidapplications for free. So download the app and install it on your Mac using the above steps. Access both the android and iOS based apps from your Mac. 

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