Top 7 Evernote Alternatives for Android

Today, in this guide I am going to list Top 7 Evernote Alternatives for Android. Evernote is the world’s one of the most used notebook application, but that does not mean there isn’t room for improvement. In the smartphone era, we are addicted to mobiles and tablet for the different purpose, and we are always keen to try out new ones every day. While browsing the internet, watching the videos or reading e-books if we found something important we need to save somewhere, through which we can access it anywhere through the web. We mostly need a lightweight notebook for quickly typing notes and pasting content from other sources. Evernote was an excellent solution, but nowadays it is kind of outdated, and its development is almost stopped. You must be finding a suitable alternative for Evernote &, So we are going to discuss Top 7 Alternatives to Evernote for Android.

  1. Simplenote – Evernote Alternatives for Android

The Reason I chose Simplenote as Evernote Alternatives for Android because of it’s UI. It comes from the developer who developed world’s best CMS ‘WordPress”. It becomes Best in Class because of it is the simple user interface. Its user interface is so easy that a child can get accustomed to it in a few seconds. It has features of include note sharing, synchronize your notes with other devices running on the wide variety of platforms like android, ios, mac, kindle & web. It offers synchronization with a lot of third-party software, such as nValt and Notational Velocity ability to backup your notes and lots more. Moreover, it is purely free.

2. Microsoft OneNote – Evernote Alternatives for Android

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The best thing it makes OneNote as Evernote Alternatives for Android because it is available for all platforms like web also. It is a Microsoft’s flagship product from which ships with Microsoft Office suite as a bundled product and also it provided almost all feature present in Evernote. You can also add web clipping as notes, convert your emails into notebooks, add photographs. It has features to create checklist-based notes. OneNote also supports lots of third-party applications like Chegg, Zapier, it also synchronizes all your content to your Microsoft account so that you can view it anywhere in the world. It has a browser extension through which you can get access to note you have taken. Also, you can give access to your co-workers to view and edit you note. Watch the detalied comparison between Onenote & Evernote from the video below .

3. Quip – Evernote Alternatives for Android

Quip is a note tool havings a clean user interface and flexible editing make it as Evernote Alternatives for Android. It is designed having collaborative work in mind, so they have added real-time collaboration among users. Files & folders can be easily shared with other users or group members, and there is a feature to chat with group members which are perfect for group work. Still it has group based file sharing system; still developers have taken care of privacy & it gives an option through which users can choose whom to include or exclude people from files and folders or keep some notes private. So it is the best tool to use business and personal purpose at the same time, There are notifications so that you can keep an eye who has made changes what you have done or added something new.It is entirely free for the lifetime & available all of the platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and the web. Watch our review of quip from bellow.

4. Google Keep – Evernote Alternatives for Android

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Google Keep has a very cool minimal design, and almost anyone can get familiar with Google Keep’s grid-based arrangement in few seconds makes it stand out of the competition makes it as an Alternatives to Evernote for Android.The interface is totally intuitive, and it allows it is users to store easily and insert notes, lists and reminders with a few single click. In Google notes enable you to assign a various type of color codes for a different type of notes, list-based notes, ability to share your note with others. You can set reminders to notes, & you will get notified about these reminders through Google Now, It has OCR feature through which you can convert images to text, It has the voice to text feature which automatically transcribes voice records. Plus, it is comparable with Android Wear, that means it will show you notes from Google Keep in your android wear. Here is our review & guide about Google Keep.

6. Google Docs – Evernote Alternatives for Android

SURPRISED??? What the Heck!!! Why did you add it as an Alternatives to Evernote for Android???
Well, don’t be confused!
Friends, we can use Google Docs to create notes and store them in Google Drive.Apart we can create presentations, spreadsheets and lots more using the notes saved in the Google Docs. It also offers collaboration features with other Google apps like google now, google calendar & Gmail. Great is not it? After all, it is web-based, and you can access notes saved in Google Docs through Google Docs website & it is free for lifetime. Watch a little tutorial about Google Docs.

7. Fetchnotes-Evernote Alternatives for Android

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Fetchnotes is an excellent example of a text only app after Simplenote. It got a clean space in which you can work without any distractions makes it as an Alternatives to Evernote for Android. To work The UI is quite clean and clear and it is almost better than most of the other apps we have listed above. It has a feature of hashtags using which you can us to manage your notes correctly. Instead of folder system, it converts your Hashtag into a folder. And when you create a new note and adds hashtag on the note, the note will be added to the hashtag folder automatically added to the note in question which is a convenient little addition.

Now it’s over to you! We have made the collection & our best picks of Alternatives to Evernote for Android. Now it’s your time to test these apps & let us know which is best Alternatives to Evernote for Android according to you.

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